About Kanabelle

Kanabelle is an Australian Nutritional powder company that produces milk powders for both infants and adults. All of our products are manufactured in Australia which go through a strict process from sourcing ingredients, hygiene standards, professional production team and a strict quality assurance procedure. With these processes in place, it not only ensures that our products are of high quality, we are able to give our consumers the best quality powders on the market.

Australian sourcing and safety facts

Australia is famous for its natural environment that provides clean rainwater and moist soil for our grass.

Australian cows feed on that grass grown by the natural nutrients in the soil and the water from the rain.

icon_dotCows in Australia are treated with love and respect as these small factors make huge differences to the taste of the milk.

icon_dotProducts from Australian cows are STRICTLY not allowed to be injected with hormones that would increase the growth rate or enhance its ability to make more milk in a short amount of time as they would cause serious side effects over time for both the consumer and the cow.
Our advanced technology is used to monitor the cows health and activities for its lifespan.

icon_dotThe Australian government, government organisations have stict standards and policies to make sure that farms and breeders that comply with the growth of cows. These audits monitor the actions and processes taken by farmers.

Dairy food safety

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) under its Standard 4.2.4 requires all dairy farms to have a documented on-farm food safety program. All dairy manufacturers and processors must also have a documented food safety program. The State Dairy Food Authorities (SDFAs) implement the FSANZ standards.

This approach to whole chain food safety reflects:

icon_dotInternational requirements under Codex (Code of Hygienic Practice for Milk and Milk Products)

icon_dotNational requirements by Food Standards Australia

icon_dotState-wide requirements by the Dairy Food Safety Authorities

Dairy food safety in practice

Dariy farms must implement a HACCP based Quality Assurance Program to ensure that they have the knowledge to operate under the State Dairy Food Safety Authority. Once they have the licence and accreditation, their milk can be accepted by their manufacturer.

The Quality Assuarance Program covers areas such as:

icon_dotFood safety

icon_dotAnimal welfare

icon_dotChemical contamination

icon_dotEnvironment responsibilities

Regular auditing ensures dairy farmers assess food safety risks and ensure strategies are in place to deal with the risks, including full tracability up and down the input chain.